Grow Your Own Beehive- Coming soon.

Grow your own beehive like you have always wanted…

If you want to grow your own beehive, we are the right people for you! We will help you to set a beehive in your garden. We will supply the swarm and we will coach and accompany you step by step from the preparation to the harvesting. As a third generation of beekeepers, we have a great passionate for what we are doing. Working with bees allows us to connect with nature day by day, to be able to approach situations in life in a calm and sooth manner, and to appreciate nature and its powers.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Beehive

  • Take Care for the environment – Sustains the bees existence when they are in danger of extinction.
  • Save Money – Have your own honey source, which will be supply all through year to your family and friends (unique present for every occasion).
  • Maximize your veggie patch crops – The bees will pollinate your Garden within weeks and you will see the impact on your garden.
  • Family – Share with your loved ones the the wonder of nature, day by day, season by season.
  • Therapeutic – Teach yourself to breath and let go, an essential skill when you are dealing with bees