Our Story

Our Beginnings

Our story begins in Romania in 1947, my Grandfather was 12 and my Great Grandfather was the town tailor. My Grandfather was delivering a suit for the town priest who was working on his hives in the yard. The priest saw my grandfather looking and told him to be carful because honey might be sweet but the bees’ stings is painful. Being 12 and stubborn my grandfather took this as a personal insult and spent the entire winter reading everything about bees he could get his hands on. In the spring wearing nothing but shorts and a short shirt he opened all the priest’s hives. The priest was amazed and apologised for offending my Grandfather and gifted him 10 of his best hives. Since then our family became beekeepers.

Since our family began beekeeping in 1947 we have made two drastic moves, first from Romania to Israel in 1963, and later in 2007 we moved from Israel to Australia. With every move we have had to begin from scratch and had to relearn the local flora to ensure our hives are happy and healthy. During the Journey we have worked alongside many other beekeepers to constantly learn and improve our skills.

We are now settled in the Sunshine Coast where some of our hives are, but we have also moved some of our hives to the outback regions of Queensland.